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The Heart of Marion's Nimble Needle:

Marion Sloane


Marion Sloane had a passion for needlepoint. So much so that in 1972, she decided to open Marion’s Nimble Needle in a small farmer’s market on Long Island. Word spread quickly about Marion. In fact, she became so popular, Marion's Nimble Needle had to expand, moving twice more before settling on Plainview, NY as its permanent home for more than 20 years. Marion’s customers relied on her expertise for each needlepoint project from beginning to end...and Marion truly enjoyed providing guidance for those who shared her love for needlepoint.

Marion’s clientele grew and her business, as a result, thrived. In 1995, Marion and her husband, Leo, decided it was time to head south. So they packed up the Nimble Needle and relocated to Boca Raton, Florida. Coincidentally, much of her New York clientele had also moved to Florida either permanently or seasonally, so her business never waned. Marion had given her customers countless hours of sage needlepoint advice and they repaid her with their loyalty. Her reputation soon spread throughout South Florida and she happily spent time sharing her unending creativity and ideas with both new and old customers alike. 

Unfortunately, in June of 2002 Marion passed away after a long illness. Her passing was mourned not only by those who loved and respected her, but by the needlepoint industry as a whole. Marion, however, did not pass before ensuring that her legacy would live on.  She infused her excitement and passion for needlepoint into her family (as well as sharing her seemingly unending knowledge and creativity). Marion’s husband Leo and daughter Laurie strive to carry on what Marion began more than 40 years ago. 

With an extensive line of hand-painted needlepoint canvases, including tallis bags, children’s pieces, three dimensional dolls, bell pulls, chairs, and much more, Marion’s Nimble Needle has become the leading needlepoint store in South Florida. Marion's Nimble Needle carries new and exciting fibers as well as a full line of accessories including children’s chairs, evening bags, totes, jewelry boxes and more. “Our goal is to always have new and exciting needlepoint projects to stimulate our stitchers,” says Marion's daughter Laurie. “We invite those interested in beginning needlepoint to come in and look around.” In addition, Marion’s Nimble Needle specializes in the finishing of items such as 3-D pieces, pillows, tallis bags, yarmulkes, and chairs, as well as custom framing.

Continuing their dedication to their customers’ needs, Marion’s Nimble Needle occasionally offers formal stitchery classes. “We’ve had customers who have enjoyed our classes so much that they continue to gather here weekly long after the class has ended just to sit, chat and needlepoint with us.  The way we preserve my mother’s tradition”, says Laurie, “is by offering the best in customer service; always with a friendly smile and a welcoming attitude. We teach different stitches and offer suggestions to make every customer’s needlepoint experience a great one!”

In 2005, Marion’s Nimble Needle decided it was time to expand into the world of the internet. One of the motivating factors in creating, was the many loyal Marion's Nimble Needle customers who travel back and forth between Florida homes and homes in the north. During the summer months when these “snowbirds” are living at their homes in New York, Canada, Chicago, etc., we get many, many requests to ship projects up to them. So we knew that if our customers were able to actually view the canvases online, it would make it easier for them to order. Our new mission is to become a place were needlepointers across the country can go to find beautiful canvases, threads and accessories to satisfy all their needlepointing needs as well as inspire our customers with creative stitching and unique project ideas. New and seasoned needlepointers alike will be inspired by the selection, as well as the friendly, family atmosphere at Marion’s Nimble Needle.

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